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Sweepstakes - Bobby Likis Car ClinicFree Gas!  Free Gas!  Free Gas!  Fuel your Spring Break roadtrip plans with Bobby Likis treating $500 worth of gas in Car Clinic's "Bobby Springs for Free Fuel-Ups" Sweepstakes!

Car Clinic's "Bobby Springs for Free Fuel-Ups" Sweepstakes requires no purchases, 'cause for this contest, Bobby will just draw the winners' names from all the valid entries.

Deadline: May 13, 2015. Enter daily! Then the lucky winners will join Bobby on the national Car Clinic broadcast on Saturday, May 16th or May 23rd.

New!  YOU CAN ENTER "Bobby Springs for free fuel-ups" sweepstakes DAILY!  Increase your chance of winning these prizes:

Your privacy is important to us!


Click on one or more of the following questions. 
You'll be taken to “cheat sheet” for the answer to the first 6; then answer number 7 from personal experience.

You must click on at least one question to qualify to win the free $500 gas card. Questions change frequently.

To qualify to win the Renewable Fuels Association $250 VISA card,
you must answer the respective question.

For every one you answer correctly, we’ll put your name in the hat again.
Answer 1 … 1 chance to win a free $500 gas card. Answer 7 … 7 chances.

For more chances, "Like" Bobby on Facebook and "Follow" Bobby on Twitter. For each "Like" or "Follow," we will put that name in the hat again.

And for "Bobby Springs for Free Fuel-Ups" Sweepstakes, you can enter every day...but remember questions change often!  We'll put your name in the hat again each time you enter.  Hmmm!

1.  What is ethanol's octane rating? (Don't guess!  Click to see.)

2.    What were Bobby's first words? :)



3.   What company produces the "world's best air filter"?


4.    Delphi makes the parts cars are___________.


5.   The Powerframe logo on the outside means true ___________ on the inside?


6. Who are the "professional parts people?"


7.    No clicks needed! If Bobby reads your response to this one on air, you'll win a Car Clinic prize pack (and it's terrific)!  What's so special about Bobby and "Bobby Likis Car Clinic?"


How did you hear about the "Bobby Springs for Free Fuel-Ups" Sweepstakes?

If you Like Bobby on Facebook or Follow Bobby on Twitter:  2x chances to win.  Enter your Facebook and Twitter names & we'll match you to your 2x points. Four of the five winners of the last Sweeps were Fan/Followers!


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