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Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
Live Stream Video
Bobby's Streaming Video

You asked for got it!  You can see Bobby live in the Car Clinic Network studio
during the national Car Clinic broadcast/globalcast (Saturdays, 10a-12n ET) as he gives answers to car questions (about 100K of 'em so far!).

Watch what goes on in front of the camera & behind the scenes as Bobby takes calls from all across the nation...make that across the globe!

But don't just 888-Car-Clinic and get in on the action.  And don't just ask auto service advice!  Ask about the state of the auto industry, auto makers and auto alternative fuels.  Hear what Bobby has to say about "water for gas" and other gimmicks...and what products he's tested & recommends.

BOBBY IS LIVE IN THE STUDIO EVERY SATURDAY BETWEEN 10:06a - 12n ET.  If you're tuned in then and don't see Bobby, don't touch that mouse...he'll be back in the studio shortly!


Call live 10a-12n ET /  888-Car-Clinic

and ask your car question!

 Bobby Shares the Mic with

James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs at GM,

and You!
03/28/15, 10a-12n ET, 888-Car-Clinic



If you miss the Car Clinic globalcast or want catch it again, tune in on your iPhone, iPod or iPad:

  • Go to the app store.

  • Download the free "Podcast" app.

  • Search for Bobby Likis Car Clinic to download a single podcast or to subscribe for automatic podcast downloads.


At the top of each Car Clinic hour, you'll see the fast-paced performance of Royal Purple Outperformers...the best-of-class on land and sea...4 wheels and 2.  Current Royal Purple Outperformer spotlight's on LANCE GILBERT. Like is dad and granddad, Lance is a stuntman (25 yrs/100+ films) with credits like Terminator 3 to his credit...and in March 2014, Need for Speed.  As his resume reads, Lance is famous for...burn it up, blast it apart, blow it sky high.  Very cool!  Click Royal Purple Outperformers for all the highly skilled daredevils.


To chat LIVE, click the "Chat" tab below the video feed and submit a message. You will then be prompted to create a Ustream account or to login using a previously created ID. Once you are finished, you will be able to chat LIVE!



Enjoy photos & videos:

Bobby Likis, Host of Bobby Likis Car Clinic Bobby Likis Car Clinic Live
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